About Love and Fishes

At the age of 47 I started cooking… properly.

Circumstances changed for us and I suddenly had an easier working life than my wife so I took on the household duties – only to realise that I spent a lot of time scratching my head wondering what on earth I was going to make for dinner every evening. My cooking skills were rudimentary (to say the least!) and my recipe repertoire extended to spaghetti Bolognese, cheese on toast and all-in stew. So I did the sensible thing and started to read our recipe books, and discovered a whole new world that I loved.

I started buying more and more (and more) recipe books, subscribed to magazines, watched every programme worth seeing and ended up making what could have been a chore into a hugely enjoyable hobby. Along the way I learned to cook, and learned to use a printed recipe as a starting point for an adventure. Being asked for my recipes time and again is a real pleasure, but it gets somewhat time-consuming and that is where my blog, Love and Fishes, comes in.

One particular friend struggles to find culinary inspiration after a hard day at work, so she spent a lot of time gently nudging me to write a blog so she can get some new ideas. Even if nobody else ever reads this, Bridget, this is for you.

Why Love and Fishes? Well, I love making bread, and we eat an awful lot of fish, so loaves and fishes sprang to mind – but that phrase has a bit of history and might mislead you. So, since I cook as an act of love for my wife, Love and Fishes it is.

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