Welcome to Love and Fishes, a recipe blog

Everybody seems to need a Unique Selling Point these days, something to mark them out as different and deserving of your attention. You’ll find food blogs dedicated to vegetarianism, veganism, cooking wild food, cooking on the cheap, cooking really fast, eating really slow, gluten-free, puddings only, bread only… you name it.

So what’s my Unique Selling Point? What marks me out as different?


My name is Alan and I’m just like you, an ordinary person, wondering what to cook for dinner tonight. I like all kinds of food, from all over the world, sometimes I have a lot of time to cook, sometimes I have little. The only thing that makes me even slightly different from the run of the mill is my aversion to anything processed. Show me a ready-meal and I’ll turn my back; recommend that I should use this sauce from a jar then I’ll figure out how to make it myself. It’s not that I’m a health freak, far from it; I just like to know exactly what it is that I’m putting into my body. You wouldn’t expect a Rolls Royce to work properly if you fuelled it with paraffin, so it is with your body. Your body doesn’t need chemical additives, stabilisers and preservatives to run efficiently, it needs natural nutrients to work properly and you can only get those from proper food.

Proper food, that’s what you’ll find here. Food cooked by a real person, in a real kitchen, photographed by me just before we eat it. No fancy studios, no exotic props, what you see is what we get.

Love and Fishes is, at its heart, a food diary. I’ll make it one day, a day or two later I’ll write it up and put it on here. In doing so I will share my excitement when I discover a great new flavour or ingredient, or a different way of combining things we all use every day; you will find a little bit of everything here, just because that is the way I cook, and that’s the way we eat.

In writing these recipes I do my very best to make them as clear and unambiguous as possible. I learned to cook by making recipes that I found in magazines and books, and there’s only one thing I hate more than a sloppily written recipe, and that is a recipe that is clearly incorrect. If you have any difficulty at all in understanding what I have written, or you find that you just can’t make it work, then please tell me.

This is the food that we love in our house, I hope that everybody who reads this will use a few of my recipes and discover for themselves how wonderful food can be.

By the way, feel free to use, share, modify and otherwise spread anything you find here out into the world. There are very few recipes here that are all mine, and I have tried to give credit when I know where a recipe originally started. Please do the same for me if you share anything from here, if you like it then the chances are that somebody else will too.